Roddick Canoes
Recanvassing and Repairs.

Over the years I have restored many great old time canoes that had fallen on some hard times and neglect.Canoes that have been stored away at the cottage, in the back yard, boathouse or barn, sitting there over the years waiting for the time when they can take to the lakes once again. And as you pass by them year after year, wistfully thinking
"someday" maybe with a pang of guilt over taking the old girl for granted all these years and really not knowing how to go about getting her back int shape. Well the answer is simple, we will take care of it."Taking care of business" is what we do, canoe business that is. "in everyway. "
Bringing these great old classics gives us great pleasure and satisfaction and we would be happy to give you an estimate from you description. A cost that is far below the cost of a new comparable canoe. Give me a call at 705 426 5960 and we can give you a pretty good idea of the cost entailed. One of the great things about cedar canvas canoes is that every thing is replacable, all the parts are removable and can be replaced, gunwales, ribs ,decks, thwarts ,seats, end bands, etc. Rarley are they a write off. We also repair small craft of other materials, replacing gunwales ,seats, decks, thwarts etc.
Six to eight weeks is the usual time for a recanvassing job, with work done on a first come, first done basis, unless other arrangements are made. Will pick up your canoe within a fifty mile radius from my shop free of charge.