Canoeing is not a passive endeavor, in particular canoe camping can be very demanding. Good stamina and comfort are two of the most critical components of canoe camping, with long hours paddling and who knows what kind of portage one encounters, having good gear is essential. What is good gear? For me it is gear that gives comfort and stands up to years of wear and tear. Seats are one part of the canoe that we rest on for hours and hours and can be very uncomfotable. A good seat should be made of durable materials and should conform to the paddler, also a seat should give a good grip as this is the contact point between you and the canoe,a sliperry seat can be very tiring and annoying.
With these points in mind I have found that the best seat of all is the traditional babiche or rawhide laced seat, it is incrediblly strong, has resiliance, looks great and with its snowshoe weave gives a good grip and will last forever.
Yokes come in all different types from the hand carved contoured yokes to just a plain old thwart. One of the very best types of yokes is what is called Quetico style, which gives incredible cushioning and bounce acting as shock absorbers , relieving your shoulders from hard pressure points and stress.
Babiche seats and Quetico yokes are what we produce for our new canoes, they can be custom ordered, they come complete with bronze bolts and seat brackets and four coats of spar varnish. Seats are in two sizes , bow and stern positions, are made of select ash with mortised cross bars.
Yokes are made of ash, come complete with bronze setting bolts, pads are made so they can be detached if desired. We also offer a Muskoka folding canoe seat.
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