Oars have to be made "right. They must be powerful but balanced, have the right amount of spring without being weakened, must turn minimum effort into maximum power, feel and look "right". This kind of oar can't be bought at a store. When I designed and built " The Muskoka Rowing Skiff,"
I was again faced with making the right kind of oars. Again, good old "WoodenBoat" came up with the answer: with "The Long Oars of Pete Culler" These oars have a natural grip for your hands, the sound of leather against metal; the feeling of power as they move in and out of the water, the power that multiplys with the effort of each pull is somthing I had never experienced before.Combined with a pure rowing boat, the experience is rare and a delight.
I produce these oars out of laminated spruce, rich leather and multi coats of spar varnish. Contact me for more infomation.
Roddick Canoes
The Guide Style Paddle.

After many years of paddling using the usual "J" stroke, I read an article in
'WoodenBoat magazine' entitled:" Paddle Like an Ancient " which opened my eyes, about paddling a canoe, using my whole body instead of my arms for the most part. What I discoverd was, what is know as the "under water recovery stroke." I soon found out that in order to do this stroke properly, I would need the right kind of paddle. After some research I designed my own. I have never used the standard store bought paddle since, nor do I use the "J' stroke.The difference is remarkable,the power and control this kind of paddle gives, the energy saved, is the reason why this stroke, with this kind of paddle, is called the Native sroke. It is quite, has multi grip positions and most surprising it is as long as the user, it can be used standing up, and owing to it's great length has great power for braces and draws . I make them by hand . Out of one piece ash, custom made for the height and the paddling position of the user; bow and stern positions. Contact me for more information.