Paul Roddick Old Time Canoe
Roddick canoes was formed in 1974. I was not pleased with the current crop of plastic moulded canoes that seemed to me to have absoulutly no character but were totally utiliterian things, poured into a mould ejected out , trimmed out with cold metal given some floatation chambers to keep them afloat at least to the gunwales, and these river hogs flooded the market place as cheap imitations of the real thing. In those days many of the great canoe companies, Chestnut and Peterborough,where under stress to compete with the cheap plastic imatation canoes, they could not, one by one they folded under the pressure. And so it was that I decided to carry on the great Canadian tradition of canvas canoe building, which to me was part of the soul of Canada and and a lifestyle a instrinsic part of our culture. Out of my resolve was born Roddick Canoes. Builders of fine traditional wood canvas canoes, each one built by hand carefully building heart and soul in to each, not with plasic but with good Ontario white cedar, ash, copper,brass, babiche and cotton, all natural materials as they been built by those great canoe builders of the past, built to last a lifetime and beyond .This is what I do at Roddick Canoes, slowly one at a time, as far away from mass production as you can get.

Paul Roddick Old Time Canoe Builder
About Us
Now is a great time to enquire about having your canoe recanvassed or repaired, our shop is centally located to the Muskokas, Kawarthas, Haiburton, and the Georgian Bay areas. The Toronto Greater Region, Upper New York State are within easy reach of our shop, as are Barrie, Orillia, Peterborough, Lindsay, Bracebridge, Gravenhurst in central Ontario.
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